One of the main goals of Quantum Computation is to design novel methods for speeding up computations by taking advantage of the surprising effects of quantum mechanics. Many powerful quantum algorithms have been discovered over the last decade, yet a large number of them derive their power from a handful of ingredients. The workshop will review the state of the art in quantum algorithms and complexity, identify problems where methods founded on the laws of quantum physics might play a significant role, and establish common targets.
The meeting also seeks to establish new collaborations in the field and to identify future directions and milestones. This goal will be achieved by fostering the exchange of ideas between participants that have rich and interdisciplinary backgrounds, including computer scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. To this end, we will have a few talks every day, leaving ample time for informal discussions.
The workshop is jointly organized by Institute for Quantum Computing and Perimeter Institute. It will be held at IQC on Wednesday and Friday,April 11 and 13, and at PI on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Participation is by invitation only.

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